Tunnel Canary

Via Contemporary Score

Tunnel Canary is a documentary about an improvised anarchist noise/punk band from Vancouver Canada that formed in 1978 performing live only 26 times before disbanding in 1983- described as neglected outcasts on the scariest , artsiest fringes of the Vancouver punk scene, most punks avoided them and were often being shut down by the general public. The genre of music this trio was producing ( which included a female vocalist and male guitar/synth and bassist) was very difficult to label at that time as they produced erratic and vicious samples of industrial/synthesizer based music , free improv and confrontational performance art mixed in with the fierce and unbearable screaming vocals of Ebra Ziron.

This film brings to light rare , vintage footage of the band performing live at clubs, galleries and guerilla style street performances that drew up to 200 people and often being broken up by the police. As well we hear from fans and the public that were fortunate enough to have seen and experienced this esoteric trio.

NOTE: This film is not yet available on DVD , looking for distribution contact veddda@yahoo.ca for more info as well this film is available for film fests etc.
The video is Via: lupe1046 


Tunnel Canary at the “Rock Against Prisons”

“A Tunnel Canary show had layer after layer of racket fragments bouncing somewhere between the back of your teeth and your inner ear.”

– Last.fm/music/Tunnel+Canary


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