CC-licensed boardgame about demonstrators and cops seeks Kickstarter funds!

Via Boingboing.net

Justin Nichol sez, “Black Flag Games is currently running a Kickstarter to produce a radical boardgame project called ‘A Las Barricadas’. It is a boardgame about conflict between state police and anti-authoritarian demonstrators. It is a two-player game with each player representing one of these social forces. The theatre of the conflict is street demonstration. It has been designed to inspire tactical consideration and conversation and is being developed and designed by the Black Flag Games Collective, committed to the idea that games and interactive media can have an impact in the struggle for a free and cooperative world. We are also committed to the ideals of free culture and aim to deliver professional play experiences that enrich a participatory entertainment culture.”

The game has seen light playtesting and has been in development for well over a year. We want to involve the broader community in refining and polishing the game before final publication. So as part of our Kickstarter, you will be able to sign up to receive a Playtester Prototype as a reward, which you will receive well before the final game is shipped. You will also receive surveys and a means with which to communicate issues and bugs in the game before it goes to print. You will also receive a special playtester credit in the rulebook of the game.

DONATE HERE(Kickstarter)A Las Barricadas – A Boardgame of Social Conflict (Thanks, Justin)

by Black Flag Games collective



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