April 9th – DTC Cinema Presents: On the May Day General Strike

April 9 – 8:00PM – Free!
(But donate if you can! We need to pay rent!)

An evening of screening and open discussion about the May Day General Strike. We invite academics, activists, anarchists, anti-capitalists, architects, artists, assistants, autonomists, cineastes, facilitators, filmmakers, gallerists, geeks, hackers, hipsters, immigrants, interns, the media, negotiators, nerds, New Yorkers, occupiers, the poor, precarious, protestors, rioters, servants, students, teachers, terrorists, and anyone else to share thoughts about the Occupy movement’s recent call for General Strike, the spatial tactics of civil disobedience, and related organizing efforts. This event aims to further understand the potential and consequences of the coming general strikes, May 1st and beyond.


To be screened:
Frisco in Grip of Strike!Pathe News, 1934, 2 minutes
Frisco Strike Riots!
Pathe News, 1934, 1 minute
Circling the Square
zanmanfu, 2011, 4 minutes
Riot Granny protigrammi, 
2011, 1 minute
For the Oakland Commune
CrimetheInc, 2011, 15 minutes
General Strike
Anyonmous, 2012, 1 minute
Sunita Prasad, 2012, 1 minute
General Strike Banner at Brooklyn Bridge,
 Anonymous, 2012, 1 minute
Hitler Reacts to May Day, General Strike, Occupy Wall Street
Anonymous, 2012, 4 minutes
and many shorts showing general strikes from the last one hundred years!
And after the films, Jaime and N1co (from Rosa Apátrida) will be performing a live score to Laurel & Hardy’s Big Business!

Suggested reading list from Occupy University, “Studying May Day”: http://university.nycga.net/our-courses/studying-may-day/recommended-readings/

Presented by: Death to Capitalism Cinema, The Public School New York, and Speakers’ Corners.

More information:





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